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World oil giant "fled" from Venezuela

The French oil and gas company Total has removed all of its employees from Venezuela, and its bank accounts in the country have been blocked due to US sanctions. It is reported by Reuters, referring to the head of Total Patrick Puian.
"The priority was the safety of all our employees, and all of them were evacuated since last Monday," the agency said Puian.
In Venezuela were, according to some, at least 50 employees Total. The company will now manage its operations in the republic from Europe, and not from the USA.
Recall, the United States on January 28 imposed sanctions against the Venezuelan oil and gas company PDVSA. The US also blocked the company's assets in the amount of $ 7 billion. Restrictions will be lifted in the event of a "quick transfer of control to the interim president [Juan Guaydo] or the next democratically elected government."
Previously, Total, because of US sanctions, left Iran. Total officially terminated the contract for the development of the South Pars-11 field. After that, Iran began to look for a Total replacement for field development.