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Way to resolve the conflict between the US and Canada

Canadian Foreign Minister Hristia Freeland says that the "Canadian way" to resolve disputes over import duties on steel and aluminum from the United States is a constant willingness to sit down at the negotiating table. This is reported by Reuters.
Freeland stressed that import duties "insult the Canadians" and insisted that the Canadian authorities protect the interests of workers in Canada. The Foreign Minister noted that the main difference between the US and Canada is that the former rely on words, while the latter prefer actions.
The Foreign Minister summarized that the Canadian authorities "have no other way", except that they are responsible for the responsibilities imposed by the United States. In addition, Freeland added that economic issues are important for both sides.

Earlier, the chief economic adviser of the White House, Larry Kadlow, called the words of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about US import duties on aluminum imports and became a "knife in the back."