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Uber will spend $ 300 million on driver rewards

The company decided to make a reward after the sale of shares on the stock exchange
The Uber service, which buys its rival for a record amount, intends to share with its drivers a portion of the proceeds from the first public sale of shares on the stock exchange (IPO).
"As a recognition of the merits of the drivers who played a role in our success, we will pay a one-time reward in gratitude to qualified drivers in jurisdictions where we operate through our business, in a total volume of about $ 300 million," Uber said in the prospectus.
Payments will receive approximately 1.1 million "qualified drivers" worldwide, the company expects this to happen by April 27.
In the USA, a “qualified driver” will receive, depending on the number of trips made during the entire period of work with the service, from $ 100 (with 2.5 thousand trips) to 10 thousand dollars (20 thousand trips). In other countries, the amount of payment will also depend on the number of trips, but may differ from payments in the United States. To fall into the category of "qualified", the driver must make at least one trip with Uber in 2019 as of April 7.
In addition, for "qualified drivers" reserved part of the shares (the size of this package is not disclosed) offered during the IPO. They will be able to purchase them at the price of accommodation.
In total, as of the end of 2018, 3.9 million drivers were registered on the Uber platform. In the fourth quarter of last year, 1.5 billion trips were made using the service.