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The index of employment trends in the US in December grew by 5.2% to 107.10

US employment characteristics at the end of last year showed growth. According to the latest report from the Conference Board, the indicator of employment trends was 107.10, while the November figure was 106.36. The November indicator was revised. On an annualized basis, the increase was 5.2%.

Six of the components, where the subindex, responsible for the percentage of respondents, who reported problems in finding a suitable vacancy, the characteristics of industrial production and the manufacturing sector, as well as data on wholesale and retail sales, showed positive dynamics.

Representatives of the company noted that the growth of the forecasted indicator of the reliability of changes. Given that the economy is growing in the pace of the long-term trend, as well as the adopted reformed tax legislation, it can be expected that employment will show high rates of growth, and unemployment will fall to the historic minimum.

Characteristics of employment trends are formed from 8 subindexes, which include both industrial production data, information on the number of new jobs and the number of applications for obtaining social support for the unemployed. Depending on what functions can be used to smooth out bursts, including what is now shown in the labor market.