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The index of employment trends in the US in August rose by 5.6% to 134.62

US employment trends at the end of summer showed an improvement, which may serve as a leading signal of a possible strong increase in the number of new vacancies in the short term.

According to the latest report from the Conference Board, the indicator in question was in August at 134.62, which is 1.02 higher than the value noted a month earlier. On an annual basis, the indicator scored 5.6%

The characteristic described is the resulting value of eight subindexes, which includes the report on industrial production, data on new workplaces and the number of applications for receiving payments for the lack of employment. The use of this characteristic aims to more clearly reflect the labor market trends, also acting as a smoothing factor for all components.

The report was made public after a report from the Ministry of Labor, which stated that the unemployment rate in the country increased within 0.1% on a monthly basis and amounted to 4.4%. The process of creating new vacancies continues, although the growth rate of employment has not reached the forecast values.