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The capacity utilization rate in Canada in the second quarter was 85.0%

The involvement of production capacities in Canada in the second quarter was at a ten-year high, with the mining industry and the energy sector becoming the growth leaders.

In general, in the second quarter, the capacity was 85%, which is 1.8% higher than the load recorded in the first quarter. The value of the first quarter was slightly revised. The current estimate was in line with expectations. Above the bar 85% the indicator in question was observed the previous time in the third quarter of 2007, when the first signals began to appear about the impending crisis of the world financial sphere.

This characteristic is the result of the ratio of actual production to the potential, showing how much more free resources remain in the economy. Capacity utilization has been higher than the historical weighted average indicator, which is 83.1% for two consecutive quarters.

The Canadian regulator last week raised key rates for the second time this year, citing the fact that the economy has come very close to full capacity utilization. Another factor that influenced the decision of the regulator was the latest GDP report, which showed that the economy in the second quarter gained 4.5% per annum.