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Scandal with the British ambassador: Washington and London canceled trade negotiations

London and Washington did not begin this week to negotiate trade relations after Brexit against the background of a scandal with the records of the British Ambassador to the US Kim Durrock.  It is reported on Wednesday edition of The Independent.
The publication does not specify which of the parties insisted on the cancellation of the meeting between the Minister of International Trade of Great Britain Liam Fox and the head of the US Department of Commerce Wilbur Ross.  In the US Department of Commerce, The Independent said they were working on setting a new meeting date.  On the reasons for the cancellation of the talks, scheduled for Tuesday, the ministry was not informed.
Earlier, Trump said that his administration now does not want to interact with the British ambassador to Washington Darrok, calling him a "very stupid guy."
Trump also criticized British Prime Minister Theresa May for the fact that she chose “her own stupid way” in Brexit negotiations, although Trump advised her on how to resolve the issue with Brussels.
As The Daily Mail reported earlier, in secret telegrams and briefings, the British ambassador warned the British government that "Trump's career could end in shame," and described the conflicts in the White House as "knife fights."
A source in the UK government confirmed to the American television channel CNN that the data described by The Daily Mail covers the period from 2017 to this day and is genuine.
After Trump’s reaction to The Daily Mail’s publication, British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt stated that the Allies should treat each other with respect, and noted that if he becomes British Prime Minister, Darroch will keep his post.
Trade negotiations are necessary for the UK, since after leaving the EU, according to the current Brexit deal, it ceases to participate in all trade agreements in which it was involved in the EU.