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Saudi Prince predicts jump in oil prices if Iran is not restrained

Crown Prince believes inaction could be encouraging for Iran

Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud warned that oil prices could rise sharply if the world community did not take any measures to contain Iran. This was announced by the Crown Prince in an interview with CBS.

According to him, inaction can be encouraging for Iran and lead to war, which in turn will undermine the world economy. The Crown Prince emphasized that attacks on Saudi oil facilities that Tehran is suspected of have already boosted oil prices.

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The Iranian side responded by saying that the prince’s remarks “will bring (to the Saudis, - ed.) Nothing but shame.”

In addition, the Saudi prince claimed responsibility for the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, but denied any direct involvement in the incident.

"I take full responsibility as the leader of Saudi Arabia, especially since this (murder, - ed.) Was committed by persons who worked for the government of Saudi Arabia," said Muhammad ibn Salman Al Saud.

As Focus previously reported:

On the night of September 14, drones attacked the world's largest oil refinery complex, located in eastern Saudi Arabia.
The United States, based on its intelligence, said that Iran, not Yemen, was supposed to be behind the attacks on Saudi oil facilities. The U.S. government reported that 19 targets were fired from the west and northwest, rather than from Yemen, located south of Saudi Arabia.
Tehran has denied all allegations of attacks on Saudi Arabia and states that it will respond immediately to any strike on Iran.