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Reserve Bank of Australia left interest rates unchanged

The Australian regulator completes this year on the same note that it started - without changing its monetary policy. It seems that the next year will be held in the same vein. At the current level, the 1.5% rate has been in place since August of last year, and the RBA lags behind other central banks of the world's leading economies in this respect. For example, American and British regulators were raising rates this year, and the ECB is on the verge of tightening its policy.

The head of the RBA Philip Lowe has repeatedly said that he does not see for himself the need to change the current level of the key rate. This week, during the next meeting of the central bank, Lowy again reiterated that it is expedient to preserve the monetary policy without adjustments in order to maintain a confident economic growth and maintain inflation on the way to the established 2% bar.

The regulator expressed concern that the economy remains weak wage growth, surplus resources in the employment market and sluggish inflationary growth. Inflation does not show the necessary activity because citizens are cautious about spending, since in this issue they are hampered by a significant debt burden, while incomes do not increase.

The good news is that there are some signals about the growth of optimism: investments are going up, employment and profits are also increasing. Enterprises say that now the most optimal conditions for doing business in the last twenty years.