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Possible exit of Poland from the European Union

Poland is not going to leave the EU, but it’s less and less listening to the demands of Brussels. Such an opinion was expressed by experts interviewed by the RT, commenting on the statements of the President of the European Council Donald Tusk about possible random pollex. According to the politician, even a small mistake on the part of the Polish authorities could lead to secession from the European Union. At the same time, he warned that the desire to keep Warsaw from such a step might be "less than in the case of London." However, analysts believe that the scenario described by Tusk should not be viewed as a real prospect, since neither the authorities of the country nor its people really want to leave the EU.
In Poland, the issue of withdrawal from the EU is increasingly being raised against the background of the criticism to which reforms carried out by PiS are undergoing, Tusk said. First of all, we are talking about changes in the Polish judicial system: in Brussels, they believe that the ruling party in Poland under the guise of reforms violates the principle of separation of the branches of government and the rule of law, trying to subordinate the courts to themselves.