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Most likely, usd will trade nearer to the lower limit of the 2-month range

The US dollar will be trading nearer to the lower limit of its 2-month range this week, believe in the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.
Indicators of inflationary expectations in the US are contradictory and do not justify a revision in the direction of a strong increase in the forecasts for interest rates, the bank added. Later on Monday, data on retail sales in the US in March will be presented, and if they turn out to be positive, this may provide the dollar with temporary support.
During the Asian session on Monday, the index of the dollar WSJ demonstrated stability, foreign exchange markets were calm. On Friday, the dollar rose against the Japanese yen to a maximum of more than six weeks amid a weakening of fears about the global trade war.
"Market sentiment has changed, as Trump seems to have again retreated in terms of world trade and geopolitical tensions," Mark McCormick, head of the North American currency strategy department at TD Securities, wrote in a note to investors.