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Iraq will not join maritime security coalition

Iraq will not join the maritime security coalition and is opposing Israel’s participation in it, INA reports referring to a statement by Iraqi Foreign Ministry spokesman Ahmad al-Sahhaf.
"Iraq will not join any forces that protect the waterways in the bay," said al-Sahhaf.
The spokesman said that "Iraq also opposes Israel’s participation in this."
He added that the responsibility for the security of the Persian Gulf lies with countries that have access to it.
Earlier, the US said it planned to create an international coalition to patrol the waters near Iran and Yemen. The first such proposals were made at the end of June at ministerial negotiations with NATO allies in Brussels. It was, in particular, about options for both conducting reconnaissance from the air and sending ships to escort merchant ships in the Strait of Hormuz. In early August, Britain joined the US-sponsored international coalition to patrol waters near Iran. The UAE also decided to join the international maritime safety coalition.