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In the United States announced a new phase of sanctions against Russia

The US State Department announced the introduction of additional sanctions against Russia, since Moscow did not provide reasonable guarantees that it would not use chemical weapons after the Salisbury incident.
In August, the State Department announced that the second phase of the sanctions would be introduced in 90 days if the Russian Federation did not prove that it would adhere to the provisions of the 1991 US Chemical and Bacteriological Weapons Act.
use of the nerve agent Novice, who was used in the poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in March, and pledge not to use chemical weapons against their own citizens, as well as allow on-site checks to organizations like the United Nations.
“Today, the department told Congress that we cannot confirm that the Russian Federation meets the conditions,” said State Department spokesman Heather Neuert. As you know, on August 27, the first package of US sanctions against Russia in the Skripale case was introduced.
 The new ban may affect lending to Russian legal entities, the export and import of goods.