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In France, prevented an attempt on Macron

French police detained six people who are suspected of preparing an attack on President Emmanuel Macron.

The detention was carried out in the departments of Il and Vilhen, Isere and Moselle. It is noted that the detainees adhered to radical views and planned to carry out some kind of "violent act" against the French leader, but the plan was not very carefully prepared and, therefore, failed. There is no data on the plan. Paris prosecutors have begun a preliminary investigation of the incident.

In July last year, the French authorities accused a 23-year-old unemployed man of terrorism, who was arrested after statements on the Internet about his plans to kill Macron by buying a Kalashnikov assault rifle. He planned to implement his plans on July 14 on the Champs Elysées during a military parade marking the anniversary of the Bastille, which is a national holiday in France.

These records were registered by Internet users and transferred to a special site of the French police. It was also reported that the detainee expressed nationalist views and planned to attack members of national minorities in France.