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German Chancellor Merkel is pleased with the negotiations of the European Commission with the US over duties

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on March 12 issued a statement that she would like to remove the disagreement on the duties imposed by the US guarantor Donald Tramp on imported steel and aluminum. She did not want to resort to reciprocal measures.

The Chancellor said she was pleased with the talks between the European Commission and the United States. The parties will try to avoid new duties on imports of imported steel and aluminum from the EU, amounting to 25% and 10% respectively. The Chancellor promised that the new German government would also join the negotiation process after it began work later this week.
"Such sharp contradictions should be resolved through negotiations, rather than unilateral actions," Angela Merkel said.
"In the event that unilateral steps (from the US side) can not be avoided, we will consider the possibility of applying retaliatory measures, nevertheless, while we are concentrated in the negotiations," Merkel added.
The European Union was warned that if new import duties extend to the supply of metals from the countries of the trade and political bloc, they will in return introduce duties on the import of certain goods from the United States. The total amount of such charges will be 2.8 billion euros (3.4 billion US dollars). In addition, the European side will appeal to the World Trade Organization with a claim to the actions of America.
Trump on Saturday said that the US, in turn, will also respond to the introduction of duties from the EU. The President noted that the current trade relations with the EU infringe upon the interests of the United States. "If the EU abandons its huge tariffs on American goods, we will cancel our duties," he added. Trump again mentioned that he intends to eliminate the trade deficit with the EU, and considers it fair to introduce duties on European cars and other goods to achieve this goal.