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Expert: the story of Huawei speaks about the contradictory processes of globalization

The situation around Huawei testifies to the contradictory globalization processes, said Fan Binxing, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Sciences, nicknamed in his country "the father of the Chinese firewall." “This is a very sad story with Huawei. This is a very regrettable incident, but we in China are in favor of globalization, and China is one of its successful participants. After this incident, we saw that there are many controversial things in globalization,” said Binshin in plenary meeting within the IT forum with the participation of the BRICS and SCO countries, which opened on Monday in Khanty-Mansiysk. “On the one hand, some states give their achievements to the world community ... but they can get the kind of reaction that Huawei faced. Not only Huawei or China can suffer, and the shares of American companies have gone down because of this story. This is not very good precedent ", - said the expert. According to him, no one has yet been able to prove that the company's products have malicious elements. "Since the company's products are advanced, competitive, perhaps that is why they were subjected to this attack," he added. In mid-May, the US Department of Commerce put the Chinese company Huawei on the blacklist, which blocks the way for companies to buy components and technologies from American manufacturers. Huawei is also on the list of companies that are prohibited from doing business with American businesses without an appropriate license. Google has already suspended cooperation with Huawei in areas that require the transfer of equipment, software and technical services with the exception of those that are publicly available under an open license.
After the US decision, Japanese mobile operators SoftBank, NTT Docomo and KDDI (au) announced that they were postponing the start of sales of Huawei phones scheduled for May 24 and suspend the receipt of pre-orders. A number of UK mobile operators have announced that they have stopped accepting preorders for 5G phones from Huawei. Washington also consistently persuades European partners to abandon cooperation with Huawei.