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Donald Trump deprived the journalist of a pass to the White House

CNN correspondent Jim Acosta was temporarily denied permanent access to the White House, which is necessary for participation in events open to the press. The reason was the fierce exchange with Donald Trump during a press conference in which the head of state was angry. Earlier, the president repeatedly accused CNN of prejudice against him and spreading false information.

The incident occurred on Wednesday, November 7, at the White House, when the American leader spoke with journalists about the midterm elections in the United States. After Acosta asked his question, Trump asked the journalist to sit down. The moderator of the press conference tried to take the microphone from him, but the reporter resisted her and continued to ask questions about interference with the elections in 2016 attributed to the Russian Federation.
Because of this incident, the White House temporarily suspended a reporter’s admission, until further notice.
The White House Correspondents Association (WHCA) supported Acosta and asked to return him a permanent pass.