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BP does not intend to move headquarters from London

The British oil and gas company BP is not going to transfer the headquarters from the UK, regardless of the consequences of Brexit, said the head of the company, Bob Dudley, to CNBC.
“This is not related to Brexit,” said Dudley. "She (headquarters - ed.) Will definitely stay in the UK," he said.
Dudley also spoke about the outcome of the vote in the British Parliament on the Brexit agreement, which was again rejected by deputies. “Everything is not over yet. I think we do not have complete confidence in what the EU will do ... They (the negotiations - ed.) Will continue for at least a few more days,” Dudley said.
On Tuesday evening, the British deputies again rejected the Brexit agreement with the EU, again with an overwhelming majority. On Wednesday, as promised earlier by the Prime Minister, they will have to vote on the issue of leaving the EU on March 29 without an agreement, and if the parliament opposes such a Brexit scenario, then on Thursday the question of postponing Brexit for two months will be raised. The current defeat of the government in parliament has become the largest in nearly 100 years.