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Bloomberg named the richest families in the world

Bloomberg News Agency published a ranking of the richest families in the world.
So, the first place went to the American Walton family.  They own a Walmart supermarket chain.  The state of the Walton family is estimated at 190.5 billion dollars.
The second place went to the Mars family, which owns the eponymous chocolate company.  Their fortune is 126.5 billion dollars.
In third place, brothers Charles and David Kokhi, who run the petrochemical companies Koch Industries, own $ 124.5 billion.
Al-Saud dynasty from Saudi Arabia was in fourth place - $ 100 billion.
Fifth place was taken by Alain and Gerard Wertheimers, who own the house of Chanel.  Their fortune is estimated at 57.6 billion dollars.
We wrote earlier that financial assets are increasingly unevenly distributed in the world.  And although the aggregate fortune of the 500 richest people in the world fell in 2018 by $ 511 billion, to 4.7 trillion, world millionaires, who are very few, in comparison with others, own half of the world's personal wealth.
In addition, the popular American magazine Forbes named the richest American celebrities.  The leader of the rating was director George Lucas, who created Star Wars.  His fortune was estimated at 5.4 billion dollars.