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Apple and Google seventh year became the most expensive brands in the world

Brands Apple and Google remain the most expensive in the world for seven consecutive years, according to data from the annual survey of Interbrand Corp for 2019.

The value of the Apple brand has increased over the past year by 9% and amounted to $ 234.241 billion. Google, which is on the second line, has risen in price 8% - to $ 167.713 billion.

On the third line, as a year earlier, was Amazon. The Internet retailer has shown significant growth rates - by 24%, to $ 125.263 billion.

Companies in the fourth to eighth positions also did not change: Coca-Cola (decrease by 4%, to $ 63.365 billion), Samsung (increase by 2%, to $ 61.098 billion), Toyota (increase by 5%, to $ 56.246 billion) and Mercedes -Benz (an increase of 5%, to $ 50.832 billion).

McDonald's moved up to number nine from tenth last year (up 4% to $ 45.362 billion), and Disney entered the top ten from 14th place (up 11% to $ 44.352 billion).

At the same time, Facebook fell to the 14th position from the ninth, which he occupied a year earlier, (a drop of 12% to $ 39.857 billion).

Mastercard showed the fastest rate of growth in brand value - by 25%, to $ 9.43 billion. This allowed the payment system to rise to 62nd position from the 70th year earlier.

The highest brand value among representatives of the financial industry was in J.P. Morgan ($ 19.044 billion, an increase of 8%). The rating included only one representative of the oil and gas industry - Shell ($ 5.105 billion, a decrease of 3%).

The new entrants included Uber (87th place, $ 5.714 billion) and LinkedIn (98th place, $ 4.836 billion). After six years of absence, Dell returned to the list (63rd line, $ 9.086 billion).

The total value of the brands of the companies from the top 100 is now estimated at $ 2.13 trillion, which is 5.7% higher than the figure for 2018, the Interbrand report says. Moreover, 26 companies showed double-digit growth rates last year.

Only 31 companies that were in the first ranking remain in it now, including Disney, Nike and Gucci. At the same time 137 brands left the list over the years, including Nokia and MTV. Only Coca-Cola and Microsoft are still in the top ten, according to a press release.

In 2001, when the rating was first published, the total value of the top 100 brands amounted to $ 988 billion. Thus, the total average annual growth rate (CAGR) over the past twenty years is 4.4%.