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Another development cooperation office with the ECE opened in Peru

A representative office of the International Entrepreneurial Council for Relations with Latin America at the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) has opened in Peru, President of the International Council of Entrepreneurs of Mexico for Cooperation with the EEC Americo Alyarra told RIA Novosti. He also clarified that the council plans to cover such offices throughout Latin America, they are already working in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Peru, in the process of launching Panama, Colombia, Nicaragua and Cuba.
Earlier, Mexican entrepreneurs opened a permanent center for business and exhibitions in Moscow. Former Russian ambassador to Mexico Edward Malayan said earlier that the volume of purchases of agricultural products by Russia in Mexico (in terms of fruits and vegetables that do not grow in Russia) has increased dramatically, and Mexico, in turn, increased purchases of Russian grain. Russian Lukoil has obtained the right to two oil sites as part of tenders held in Mexico.