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Analytics 30.03


Currency pair EUR / USD is trading below the moving average of MA200 on H1. Means, bears at the helm. And you should consider selling. BUT!!! The MACD indicator formed a convergence, and it says about short-lived, but still purchases. From this it follows that the EUR / USD pair needs to be slightly adjusted after the fall, which began on Tuesday.
That is, despite the fact that the trend for the pair is upward, we can not exclude the technical recovery of the pair, but only limited.
For today, until the level of resistance 1.2375 is broken through, it is likely that the pair will fall to 1.2285 and 1.2255. With an increase above 1.2375, the pair will target 1.2410 and 1.2475.
The main support and resistance lines for today's pair: resistance: 1.2340; 1.2370; 1.2410
support: 1.2290; 1.2250; 1.2190



 Yesterday the GBP / USD currency pair is slowly but surely moving towards its "debt" to the level of 1.3970 (50). Yesterday, the pair cautiously approached the moving average MA200 on H1 and did not even try to break it and again went lower.
We remind you that the level of "debt" of the currency pair is at 1.3970 (50).
MACD indicator since yesterday gives a signal to buy and even convergence has already formed. Therefore, today we can expect a short-term recovery of the currency pair to levels 1.4070-1.4100.
With an increase above 1.4135, the pair will target 1.4165 and 1.4200. And, of course, expects a hike of the pair at 1.3970
Do not forget to put S \ L.
The main support and resistance lines for today's pair: resistance: 1.4040; 1.4100; 1.4120.
Support: 1.4000; 1.3970; 1.3940.



 Yesterday the USD / JPY currency pair was trading very restrained, compared to the whole week. Most likely, today the couple will also behave with restraint.
Yesterday and today the pair is aiming for the MA200 moving average on H1.
For today the same course of events is expected, as well as yesterday: until the support level of 106.35 is broken, we should wait for the pair to grow to 107.00 and 107.30.
The pair's prospects will only change to the descending ones if they fall and lock below level 106.35.
Do not forget that globally for today, the trend for the pair is still descending. So be careful with shopping. Do not forget to minimize your risks (S / L).
The main support and resistance lines for the pair today:
Resistance: 106.55; 107.00; 107.25
support: 106.10; 105.40; 104.90