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Analytics 29.03


Yesterday, the EUR / USD currency pair broke down the moving average of the MA200 to H1, thereby showing that the bears have gained strength and are ready to fight the bears.
Despite the fact that the trend for the pair is upward, one can not exclude the technical recovery of the pair, but only limited. Short positions below 1.2375 with target levels of 1.2285 and 1.2255 are deemed expedient. Although the MACD trend indicator shows that you need to buy short-term (the signal line came out of the body of the histogram).
Therefore, for today the scenario for trading is this: until resistance level 1.2375 is broken up, it is likely that the pair will fall to 1.2285 and 1.2255. With an increase above 1.2375, the pair will target 1.2410 and 1.2475.
The main support and resistance lines for today's pair: resistance: 1.2375; 1.2410; 1.2475
support: 1.2290; 1.2250; 1.2190


Yesterday, the GBP / USD currency pair approached the MA200 moving average on H1 and even tried to break it, but could not gain a foothold below it.
We remind you that the level of "debt" of the currency pair is at 1.3970 (50).
The MACD indicator now drew a signal to buy (the signal line came out of the body of the histogram).
So for today from the pair we expect such actions: until resistance level 1.4120 is broken through, we should expect the pair to fall to 1.4065 and 1.4020.
With an increase above 1.4135, the pair will target 1.4165 and 1.4200.
Do not forget to put S \ L.
The main support and resistance lines for today's pair: resistance: 1.4120; 1.4200; 1.4270.
support: 1.4060; 1.4015; 1.3970.



Yesterday the USD / JPY currency pair increased by 1.4%, to a 1-month high of 106.85. The Japanese yen is likely to continue to fall against the US dollar as demand for asylum assets declines, as tensions around the DPRK weakened on reports that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un visited Beijing, where he met with Chairman Xi Jinping, and also considers an opportunity to hold a meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.
The scenario for today is this: all analysts to date believe that it is short-term to consider only long positions, in view of what is happening. With the objectives of 107.00 - 107.25 (and above).
Do not forget that globally for today the trend for the pair is still descending. So be careful with shopping. Do not forget to minimize your risks (S / L).
The main support and resistance lines for the pair today:
Resistance: 107.00; 107.25; 107.65
support: 106.10; 105.40; 104.90