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Analytics 28.12


On Thursday, EUR / USD, having pushed off the general uptrend support line, rose and closed the day in positive territory. This morning, the pair continued to rise and rose to $ 1.1460. At the moment, the euro is still above the moving line and returned to the general uptrend of December 14.
Resistances are located at $ 1.1475-85, $ 1.1550, $ 1.1575
Support levels are located at: $ 1.1400, $ 1.1365, $ 1.1330-35



On Thursday, GBP / USD was trading multidirectional all day and closed the day without significant changes. In addition, the pair is still testing for strength the sloped line of resistance of the general downtrend from November 7. Today, the Briton continues to do so and is near weekly highs, trading in the range of $ 1.2640-65.
Resistances are located at $ 1.2705, $ 1.2760, $ 1.2810
Support levels are located at: $ 1.2605, $ 1.2530, $ 1.2475



On Thursday, the USD / JPY fell and closed the day in the red zone. This morning, the pair traded in the range of Y110.55-95, remaining around a weekly minimum. USD / JPY is still in the downtrend and remains under the full control of bears.
Resistances are found at: Y111.80, Y112.65, Y113.00
Support levels are located at: Y110.30, Y110.05, Y109.80