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Analytics 26.03


The EUR / USD currency pair is trading in a small corridor (20 points) from the opening of the market.
On Friday, March 23, the pair approached the resistance level of the global downlink in which it is now moving. The pair since Friday showed that it was fixed above the level of the moving average MA 200 H1.
According to the data of the CFTC and Scotiabank, from March 14 to 20, investors increased short positions in the US dollar (USD). Accordingly, today or tomorrow we expect a decline in the currency pair.
But when you break through the resistance level 1.2370 and exit the pair from the descending channel, you should consider short-term purchases.
The main support and resistance lines for the pair today:
Resistance: 1.2390; 1.2415; 1.2450
support: 1.2340; 1.2308; 1.2275



Yesterday, the GBP / USD currency pair is going up from the opening of trading.
Last week, the pair shot up twice, thereby showing that the main bulls are on the market. And the pair never returned to the place where the market "debt" left, and it is located at 1.3950 (70).
Now, from the fall, the pair is held back by the middle line of the channel, in which the pair is moving. When the key level 1.4135 (40) breaks through, the pair will tend to the level of 1.3970 (50).
If the pair breaks above the level of 1.4170 and consolidates above it, the pair expects an increase in the area of ​​1.4220-1.4270.
The moving average of MA200 on N1 is much lower than the market price.
Do not forget to put S \ L.
The main support and resistance lines for the pair today:
Resistance: 1.4220; 1.4260; 1.4300.
Support: 1.4140; 1.3970; 1.3910.



This week, the new directorate of the central bank of Japan will start its duties.
In the world, a prolonged trade war, which is connected with the introduction of duties on some metals by America, and this can negatively affect the growth of the American and world economies. These fears support the Japanese yen, which investors buy during periods of political or economic instability.
The yen started the week against other major currencies by almost 0.5%, and analysts believe that trade talks will affect its dynamics.
"While Washington and Beijing will exchange bellicose words and measures, the investors' refusal of risk, apparently, will support the yen," DBS analysts say.
I propose today to follow the currency pair USD / JPY, which is still moving in flat.
Do not forget that the trend for the pair is downward.
So be careful with shopping for today.
The main support and resistance lines for the pair today:
Resistance: 104.90; 105.30; 106.00
support: 104.60; 104.00; 103.60