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Analytics 25.08


The pair met resistance at 1.18194 and is currently trading below this level. Breaking its price will go to the next resistance which is the level of Murray 1.18406, the long-term goal is the local maximum of 1.18924.

With the descending movement, the level 1.17799 will act as support, breaking its price will go to the next support 1.17498. A further target for the downward movement is the level according to Murray 1.16878.


Day support levels: 1.17799, 1.17498, 1.16878

Day resistance levels: 1.18194, 1.18406, 1.18924





The quotation met resistance at 1.28100, in case of its breakout, the price is expected to move to the next resistance which is located at 1.28450, and a further target for the upward movement will be level 1.28789 for Murray.

With the descending movement, the nearest support will be level 1.28009, breaking its price will go to the level to 1.27856, and the long-range target with the downward movement will perform the level of Murray 1.27535.


Daily support levels: 1.28009, 1.27856, 1.27535

Daily resistance levels: 1.28100, 1.28450, 1.28789




The price met resistance at the upward movement at the level of 109.765, in the case of breaking through this level, the resistance for the price rise will become the price level of 110.063, and the long-term target for Murray 110.542 will reach the target and resistance.

In the descending movement, the level 109.462 will act as the first support, breaking it will open the way to the next support of 109.213, and the local minimum of the price of 108.649 will act as a long-term target and support.


Day support levels: 109.462, 109.213, 108.649

Daytime resistance levels: 109.765, 110.063, 110.542