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Analytics 23.04


The EUR / USD pair yesterday after falling to $ 1.1235, soon restored all lost positions, reaching the level of $ 1.1260 and closed the day around $ 1.1255. Today, the pair has dropped sharply to $ 1.1245 at the start of trading, but at the time of this writing, it has slightly recovered and is trading at about $ 1.1250. The pair is below the MA (200) H1 and MA (200) H4 moving average line, controlled by bears.
Resistances are at the levels: $ 1.1260-75, $ 1.1305-25, $ 1.1390
Support levels are located on: $ 1.1225-35, $ ​​1.1180, $ 1.1135


The pair GBP / USD yesterday, after a slight increase to $ 1.2995, soon fell and closed the day at about $ 1.2975. Today, the pair is trading in a range ($ 1.2975-85), slightly above the close of yesterday’s session. The pair is below the level of the moving average MA (200) H1 and MA (200) H4, under the control of bears.
Resistances are located at $ 1.3005, $ 1.3045-65, $ 1.3120-30
Support levels are located at: $ 1.2975, $ 1.2895, $ 1.2830


The pair USD / JPY was trading in the range yesterday (Y111.85-112.00). Today, the pair fell sharply to Y111.65, but at the time of this writing, it has recovered slightly and is trading around Y111.75. USD / JPY is testing the MA (200) H1 moving average line and is much higher than the MA (200) H4, globally remaining under the control of bulls.
Resistances are found at: Y111.80, Y112.15, Y112.65
Support levels are located at: Y111.55, Y111.25, Y110.80-110.95