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Analytics 18.06


 he EUR / USD fell slightly this morning and fell to 1.1575. On Friday, the pair after the collapse of Thursday grew a little, was able to close the day with a slight increase. At the moment, the pair still trades below MA 200 H1 and is under full control of the sellers.

 Resistance levels: 1.1645, 1.1725, 1.1840-50

Support levels: 1.1510-20, 1.1480, 1.1435




The pair GBP / USD this morning dropped slightly to 1.3260, remaining at the high of Friday. On the last day of the last trading week, the pair, starting from the sloping support line of the descending channel, began to restore, adjust and close the day in positive territory. Currently, the pair is trading in the global downlink below the level of MA 200 H1, and the bears retain control over the situation.

Levels of resistance: 1.3295, 1.3350, $ 1.3445-70

Support levels: 1.3210, $ 1.3170, $ 1.3135




This morning, the pair USD / JPY fell to 110.30, coming out from Friday's high. On the last day of the last trading week, the pair updated the highs, but could not gain a foothold on the extreme values. At the moment, the pair, starting from the center line of the global uplink, is decreasing and is directed to the MA 200 H1 moving average line. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to understand that the pair is trading within a common rising channel, above the MA 200 H1 under full control of the bulls.

Levels of resistance: 110,90, 111,40, 111,85

Support levels: 110.25, 109.85-90, 109.20-30