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Analytics 17.10


Currency pair Euro Dollar EUR / USD this morning fell to $ 1.1560, remaining near yesterday's lows. The EUR / USD pair again entered the stage of correction. Despite this pullback, the pair still remains above the MA 200 H1 moving average line in the general uptrend. The bulls are still in control. In this case, while the pair is above the MA, it is better to stick to the northern direction, and after the end of the correction, look into new purchases of the euro against the dollar.
Resistances are located at $ 1.1620, $ 1.1650, $ 1.1695
Support levels are located at: $ 1.1535-45, $ 1.1515, $ 1.1480






Currency pair Pound Dollar GBP / USD this morning was trading in the range of $ 1.3170-90. At the moment, the Briton is slightly corrected, but is still being traded in the general uptrend of October 4, and is still above the MA 200 H1 moving average line. In this situation, it makes sense to continue to look closely at new purchases of the pair on rollbacks.
Resistances are at the levels: $ 1.3235-55, $ 1.3295, $ 1.3360
Support levels are located at: $ 1.3140, $ 1.3095, $ 1.3005-25







Currency pair Dollar Yen USD / JPY is growing moderately after volatile trading during the three previous sessions. The pair is trading within the new downward channel of October 4, keeping above its median line. The pair is trading below the moving average MA 200 H1 and is controlled by bears.
Resistances are found at: Y112.53, Y113.27, Y113.70
Support levels are located at: Y111.62, Y111.10, Y110.84