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Analytics 16.04


Currency pair EUR / USD yesterday tried to break through the moving average, to H1, but so far unsuccessfully MA200. Bulls dominate the bears. According to the MACD indicator, the divergence is fully worked out, i.e. the correction was successful and technically correct.
For today the scenario is this:
While the pair is below the key resistance 1.2350, the intraday declining trend remains, and the pair may descend to the level of 1.2300.
A break above 1.2350 should open the way to 1.2375.
The main support and resistance lines for today's pair: resistance: 1.2350; 1.2390; 1.2420
support: 1.2300; 1.2280; 1.2240




The currency pair GBP / USD has already traded above the moving average of MA200 for H1 for the sixth day, for all this time it has never descended to it. Bulls dominate.
This week, we expect a good pair move, because all the attention of large investors is focused on inflation indicators (unemployment, average wages ...) in Great Britain, which will be published tomorrow.
For today we expect:
Until the support level of 1.4185 is broken, we should expect the pair to grow to 1.4275 and 1.4300.
When falling below 1.4185, the pair will target 1.4140 and 1.4090.
Do not forget to put S \ L. And do not forget that the GBP / USD currency pair is uptrend.
The main support and resistance lines for today's pair: resistance: 1.4245; 1.4275; 1.4300.
support: 1.4185; 1.4140; 1.4090.



The USD / JPY currency pair is still traded above the MA200 moving average for H1. The currency pair has not been able to find the strength to break through the moving average over the past week. Bulls continue to dominate today.
While the pair is holding above the key support at 107.15, its intraday prospects remain positive and the pair should again reach 107.75 (near the maximum reached on April 13).
A fall below 107.15 will mark a bearish reversal and will target the pair at 107.15.
Do not forget that globally for today, the trend for the pair is still descending. So be careful with shopping. Do not forget to minimize your risks (S / L).
The main support and resistance lines for the pair today:
resistance: 107.50; 107.90; 108.25
support: 107.15; 106.90; 105.40