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Analytics 16.03

Currency pair EUR / USD yesterday and did not break the moving average MA200 on H4. And today again, the market price is near the MA200 on H4. This suggests that, in general, the pair has not yet determined who is in the market the main bulls or bears. But I will also note that if the pair on H4 pierces the MA200 down and anchors below line 1.2290, this level has a huge opportunity to sell to the level of 1.2190.
If the currency pair EUR / USD pushes the MA200 to H4 upwards and is fixed higher, it is worth considering the entry points to the purchase to the target levels of 1.2350-1.2400.
The main support and resistance lines for the pair today:
Resistance: 1.2350; 1.2400; 1.2445
support: 1.2290; 1.2260; 1.2170


Since yesterday, in the GBP / USD currency pair, not much has changed. The pair has only slightly expanded its amplitude (the corridor of trade) for the last two days. The pair is trading above the moving average MA 200 H1, which indicates the complete superiority of the bulls over the bulls. And while the couple is not going down.
For today, we expect the development of yesterday's scenario, namely: we expect the continuation of the upward movement to the middle line of the upward channel $ 1.3995, and then to $ 1.4070 (February 26 maximum). An alternative scenario is the breakdown of yesterday's low and the pair's return to the MA 200 H1 moving average.
Do not forget to put S \ L.
The main support and resistance lines for the pair today:
Resistance: 1.3990; 1.4045; 1.4110.
support: 1.3910; 1.3880; 1.3850.

The USD / JPY currency pair continues its downward movement in the channel, which has been under construction for three days already. This tells us that the bears on the market are the main ones. The pair yesterday broke through the moving average of the MA200 to H1 and yesterday it consolidated below it with great confidence.
Yesterday's level of 105.90 yesterday is taken, so today we expect 105.50, for those who have transactions working with yesterday, I propose part of the profits to cover up or transfer the deal to break-even.
Short-term purchases should be considered at the level of 106.30-106.40 at the level of 107.20.
Do not forget that the trend for the pair is downward, and be careful with shopping for today.
The main support and resistance lines for the pair today:
Resistance: 106.40; 106.80; 107.20
support: 105.50; 105.30; 105.00