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Analytics 14.11


At the moment, the pair is growing. Resistance level will be 1.16963. The AO indicator is in the positive area above the balance and the support / resistance line. Above this resistance, the benchmark is the weekly pivot R1 1.17075. Behind him opens the way to the weekly pivot R2 1.17544.
Below the level of 1.16802, the main day pivot is 1.16586. Below, we can note the level of 1.16425, to which the determining removals came. Below you can note the level of MA200 and MA300 1.16280. The far point is level 1.16048.

Day support levels: 1.16802, 1.16586, 1.16425, 1.16280, 1.16048.
Daily resistance levels: 1.16963. 1.17075, 1.17544.


At the moment, the support for the pair is the monthly pivot S1 1.30773, and the resistance - the determining removals and MA200 at the level of 1.31300. The AO indicator is at the zero level along with the balance and support / resistance line. Above the marked support, the weekly pivot S1 1.30422 is the reference point. Below you can note the level of 1.30035.
Above the indicated resistance, the landmark is the older removals, where it is possible to note the level of MA350 - 1.31600. Above is the path to the weekly pivot R1 1.32133.

Daily support levels: 1.30773. 1.30422, 1.30035.
Daily resistance levels: 1.31300, 1.31600, 1.32133.


At the moment, the pair demonstrates a desire for growth and is trying to gain a foothold above the main weekly pivot 113.838. The AO indicator is in the positive area above the balance and the support / resistance line. In the case of fastening above this resistance, near which there are the senior movings and MA200, the level 114.258 will perform as a guide, followed by the weekly pivot R1 114.587. The far point is the monthly pivot R1 114.847.
Below the main day pivot 113.517, on which the determining movers are located, the main monthly pivot is the landmark 113.248. Below, you can note the weekly pivot S1 112.944.

Day support levels: 113.517, 113.248, 112.944.
Daily resistance levels: 113.838, 114.258, 114.587, 114.847.