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Analytics 12.03


The EUR / USD pair continued its growth yesterday, which began on Friday reaching $ 1.1260. The pair is below the level of MA (200) H1 and MA (200) H4 moving average and remains under the full control of bears.
Resistances are located at $ 1.1305, $ 1.1340, $ 1.1380
Support levels are located on: $ 1.1220, $ 1.1175, $ 1.1140


The pair GBP / USD rose sharply yesterday, reaching a maximum on March 3 ($ 1.3185). Today, in early trading, the pair continued to rise yesterday, reaching $ 1.3260, but soon lost most of its gains and continues to decline, trading around $ 1.3205. But so far it has not happened better and continue to adhere to the southern direction in trade and look for entry points to sell for the formation of correction.
Resistance levels are: $ 1.3285, $ 1.3350, $ 1.3445
Support levels are located at: $ 1.3165, $ 1.3095 $ 1.3065


The pair USD / JPY yesterday the pair traded with growth: at the beginning of the trading, the pair fell to Y110.90, but then regained all lost positions and closed the day with growth to Y111.25. USD / JPY is within the rising channel of January 3 and remains under the control of the bulls. In this situation, it is better to continue to follow the northern direction in trade and for the formation of a correction to look for entry points to buy.
Resistances are found at: Y111. 50, Y111.85, Y112.10
Support levels are located on: Y110.75-85, Y110.35, Y109.65