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Analytics 10.05


The EUR / USD pair yesterday after falling to $ 1.1170, soon rose sharply, reaching the level of $ 1.1250. However, by the end of the trading session, the pair sank a little and closed the day, about $ 1.1270. Today, the couple is trading with growth, at the time of this writing, about $ 1.1225. EUR / USD has risen above the MA (200) H1 moving average line and is testing the MA (200) H4 MA on the four-hour chart, signaling a possible trend change. If the pair consolidate above these levels, it is possible to form a new uptrend.
Resistances are at the levels: $ 1.1250-65, $ 1.1305-25, $ 1.1390
Support levels are located on: $ 1.1200, $ 1.1170, $ 1.1110-35


The USD / JPY pair yesterday after a decline to a three-month low (Y109.45), soon restored some of the lost positions and closed the day, around Y109.70. Today, the pair is trading in the range (Y109.70-110.05), slightly above the closing level of yesterday's session. USD / JPY is below the MA (200) H1 moving average line, and below the MA (200) H4, under the full control of bears. In this situation, it is better to continue to adhere to the southern direction in trade and the formation of a correction to look for entry points to sell.
Resistances are found at: Y110.30, Y110.85, Y111.70
Support levels are located at: Y109.45, Y109.10, Y108.50