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Analytics 09.08


During the Asian session, the pair consolidated over 1.16, but then failed to gain a foothold on this value, and during the European session fell sharply to 1.1575, where it managed to attract buyers. Then the pair recovered in the area of ​​1.1590, where it is now traded.
 Resistance is expected to be at 1.1610 / 20, 1.1630, 1.1645 and 1.1660 / 65. An unsuccessful attempt at breakdown at 1.1610 / 20 will target the pair at 1.1580 / 75 and further at 1.1520 / 10, 1.1490 and 1.1460 / 50


The GBP / USD pair traded in the range of $ 1.2850-85 this morning. At the moment, the pound is in the global downlink on the 4-hour chart. While the pair is in this trend and below the MA 200 H1 moving average line, you can shop around.
The resistance is at around $ 1.2910, $ 1.2960, $ 1.3000
 Support levels are located at: $ 1,2850, $ 1,2800, $ 1,2700


This morning, the pair USD / JPY fell to Y110.70, continuing yesterday's decline. At the moment, the pair is still below the removals, and from August 1 the pair is in a downward movement. While the pair is trading below the resistance line of the last 6 days, it makes sense to look further at the pair's sales on the corrections.
The resistance is at the levels: Y111.15, Y111.45-50, Y111.85
 Support levels are located on: Y110.60-70, Y110.35, Y109.95-05