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Analytics 09.03


 Yesterday, the EUR / USD currency pair on the accompanying speech broke through the six-day uplink on H1 down. Since yesterday evening, the pair is trading in the corridor of 25 points. She shows us that she waits for important news. And today they will still: "Change in the number of employed in the non-agricultural sector." Analysts predict that this figure will remain at the same level. But even if this happens, the movement will still be there. Because there will be another important indicator, which should not be forgotten: "Average hourly wage (m / m)". Analysts predict that the average wage will decrease.
I suggest waiting for the release of these news and for the market to enter into transactions in accordance with what the news will be. If all the indicators are good, then we enter for sale and vice versa.
The main support and resistance lines for the pair today:
Resistance: 1.2340; 1.2380; 1.2415
support: 1.2290; 1.2230; 1.2290


For the GBP / USD currency pair, the picture is not single-valued. On chart H1, we can observe a double top with you. Which, perhaps, will restore dominance to the bears. If this is the case, then today we are expecting a return to the level of 1.3850, if it is not broken up, we can safely open deals for sale. The profit is set at 1.3760. Do not forget to put S \ L. Most likely, the pair will go lower, but then do not forget to transfer the deal to the breakeven.
The main support and resistance lines for the pair today:
Resistance: 1.3850; 1.3910; 1.3970.
support: 1.3800; 1.3760; 1.3710.

Since the opening of the Asian session, the USD / JPY currency pair has moved rapidly upwards. But this does not mean that you need to break into the market. Even though the pair broke up the moving average of the MA200 on H1, it is still worthwhile to watch the pair after all. Well, or if your trading system shows you the entrance to the market. Immediately go with a small amount and do not forget about minimizing the risks.
On the chart of D1, we see that the pair has been trading for the third month in a downward corridor. And today the pair still does not break the upper resistance of the rising channel to D1.
The main support and resistance lines for the pair today:
Resistance: 106.70; 107.40; 107.70
support: 106.20; 105.25; 104.90