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Analytics 09.02


At the moment, the main support for the pair is the level of 1.22165. The AO indicator went into the positive zone and is at the zero level between the balance and the support / resistance line. Above the main monthly pivot 1.22896, the defining movings are at the level of 1.23250. The next landmark is the zone of senior removals and MA2002001 1.23720-1.23920.
Below this support, we can note the weekly pivot S3 1.21593. The next benchmark is level 1.21338.

Day support levels: 1.22469, 1.22165, 1.21593, 1.21338.
Day resistance levels: 1.22896, 1.23250, 1.23720, 1.23920.


At the moment, the resistance for the pair is the weekly pivot S1 1.39669. The AO indicator is in the positive area above the balance and the support / resistance line. Above this support, the MA200 zone and the senior removals are the reference point 1.40600-1.40930. The long-range goal is level 1.41700.
Below the defining movings at the level of 1.39350, the weekly pivot S2 1.38240 is the reference point. Below you can note the level of 1.37280.

Daily support levels: 1.39350, 1.28240, 1.37280.
Day resistance levels: 1.39669, 1.40600, 1.40930, 1.41700.


At the moment, the resistivity for the pair is the area of ​​thickening of removals 109.230-109.470. The AO indicator is in the negative zone on the balance line and the support / resistance line at the zero level. Above this resistance, the reference level is level 109.810. Behind him the way to the main monthly pivot 110.283 opens.
Below the weekly pivot S1 108.799, the level 108.585 can be noted. Below is the path to level 108.106.

Day support levels: 108.799, 108.585, 108.106.
Day resistance levels: 109.230, 109.470, 109.810, 110.283.