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Analytics 06.04


The currency pair EUR / USD has been trading since the morning in a very narrow range of 25 points. Everyone is looking forward to important news on America. Namely, the "average salary for March" and "the number of newly created jobs, excluding agriculture.
The EUR / USD currency pair is again traded below the MA 200 moving average on H1, or bears at the helm, respectively. Perhaps, the currency pair today will fix the bears on the market.
The pair is aimed at 1.2270, and then will grow to 1.2290.
The main support and resistance lines for today's pair: resistance: 1.2290; 1.2340; 1.2370
support: 1.2255; 1.2235; 1.2190



The currency pair GBP / USD has been trading for a long time below the MA 200 moving average on H1. While the market is dominated by bears. The situation will change towards bulls, only in the case when the pair breaks the MA200 on H1 upwards and fixes above it.
Although further technical recovery can not be ruled out, its scale should be limited. The pair will target 1.3965 and 1.3940.
A break above 1.4030 will target the pair at 1.4070 and 1.4100.
Do not forget to put S \ L.
The main support and resistance lines for the pair for today: resistance: 1.4020; 1.4090; 1.4150.
Support: 1.3990; 1.3960; 1.3880.



USD / JPY, which broke off on Tuesday from the moving average of MA200 on H1, yesterday interrupted last week's high, it's understandable that the "world trade war" is about to blame, but it's not a reason to rush into the pool with the head and sell the yen. It is worth carefully and weighed to approach this situation and wait for a number of indicators, so that the trend for the pair is replaced by a rising one.
Intraday forecast is negative. The pair should fall to 106.85, and then aim at 106.65.
Only a return to 107.50 will result in a bullish reversal.
With the purchases you need to be more careful because the trend for the pair is top-down.
The main support and resistance lines for the pair today:
resistance: 107.70; 107.90; 108.30
support: 106.85; 106.65; 105.90