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Analytics 03.09


After the breakdown of the trend line (1.1665), the euro fell to 1.1585. The fall stopped at 112th degree, after which the corrective phase began, in which the pair is still at the present time. At the moment the pair managed to break through the MA 200 H1 moving average line and consolidate below it. At the moment, the euro is in a downtrend from August 28. While the pair will be held within this downtrend - it makes sense to look at sales.
The resistance is at the levels: $ 1.1650, $ 1.1690, $ 1.1730-45
Support levels are located at: $ 1.1580, $ 1.1530, $ 1.1490



The pair GBP / USD fell to $ 1.2915 this morning, continuing Friday's decline. At the moment, the Briton is under pressure, approaching the support line of the general growing channel of August 15. In addition, the pair is still held above the MA 200 H1 moving average line. In this situation, you need to look for new purchases at the end of the correction, adhering to the general direction of the trend.
The resistance is at the levels: $ 1.2965, $ 1.3030-40, $ 1.3065
Support levels are located at: $ 1.2900, $ 1.2865, $ 1.2830

This morning, the pair USD / JPY fell to Y110.90. The pair has been testing the MA 200 H1 moving average line for the second day in a row. In the current situation, while the pair is being kept below the removals, it is necessary to search for entry points for sales on corrections, adhering to the overall decline of the pair from August 30. However, if USD / JPY returns to the uptrend again, we should expect an attempt of the support level test near the 110.50 area and continuation of the pair's growth in the area above the level of 114.70.
The resistance is at the markings: Y111.40, Y111.75-80, Y112.15
Support levels are located on: Y110.70, Y110.40, Y110.20