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Analytics 03.06


The EUR / USD pair on Friday, after a small decline to $ 1.1125, soon rose rapidly, reaching $ 1.1180 and closed the day, around $ 1.1165. Today, the pair is trading with growth at the time of this writing, about $ 1.1185. EUR / USD rose above the MA (200) H1 moving average line, but on the four-hour chart it is still below the MA (200) H4 line, globally remaining under the control of bears.
Resistances are located at the levels: $ 1.1185, $ 1.1215-25, $ 1.1265
Support levels are located at: $ 1.1165, $ 1.1105-25, $ 1.1075


The pair USD / JPY on Friday traded with a decline, dropping to an almost five-month low of Y108.25. Today, the pair continues to decline and at the time of writing this article dropped to a minimum on January 15 (Y108.10). USD / JPY is below the MA (200) H1 moving average line, and well below the MA (200) H4 line, under the full control of bears. In this situation, it is better to continue to adhere to the southern direction in trade and the formation of a correction to look for entry points to sell.
Resistances are found at: Y109.55, Y109.90, Y110.35
Support levels are located at: Y107.75, Y107.05, Y106.65