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Analytics 03.01


On the last day of trading last year, the pair closed with a slight increase of 1.1454. On Tuesday, the pair declined steadily during all trades and closed with a loss of about 100 points at 1.1346. at the beginning of this day, the pair was falling slightly, but now it has recovered and is trading at 1.1366. Goals up: 1.1400, 1.1450. Goals down: 1.1350, 1.1300.


The last trading day of last year ended with a moderate growth of the pair to 1.2707. The first trading day of the new year ended with a confident decline in the pair to 1.2613. Today's trading takes place again from the decline of the pair, which at the beginning of trading collapsed to the lowest level since mid-April 2017 at 1.2435. Now the pair has partially recovered and is trading at 1.2550. Goals up: 1.2600, 1.2650. Goals down: 1.2550, 1.2500.


The beginning of this year passes under the obvious strengthening of the yen. Bidding on Tuesday opened with a gap down, which was not even partially playing up. The pair closed with a decline of 109.08. trading today shows the strengthening of the yen, the pair simultaneously collapsed at the beginning of trading to the level of 105 - showing minimum levels since the end of March 2018. Now the pair has partially recovered and is trading at 107.20.
Goals up: 107.50, 108.00. Goals down: 107.00, 106.50.