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Analytics 01.11


At the moment, support for the pair is 1.16095, on which the defining movings are located. The AO indicator is at zero level, along with the balance and support / resistance line. The closest resistance is the main weekly pivot 1.16719. The above may be noted MA200 at 1.17120. The distant target is the area of ​​the highest movings 1.17390-1.17540.
The benchmark below is indicated by the 1.15675 level. The farthest landmark is the monthly pivot S1 1.15238.

Daytime support levels: 1.16305, 1.15675, 1.15238
Daytime resistance levels: 1.16719, 1.17120, 1.17390, 1.17540


Currently, the pair is growing. The closest resistance is 1.33250. The AO indicator is in the positive zone on the support / resistance line above the balance line. Above the indicated resistance is the benchmark weekly pivot R2 1.33700. The path 1.34268 above opens.
We can support the weekly pivot R1 1.32520. Below is the path to the area of ​​consolidation of movings 1.32050-1.31850.

Daytime support levels: 1.32520, 1.32050, 1.31850
Daytime resistance levels: 1.33250. 1.33770, 1.34268


At present, the resistance for the pair is 113.934. The AO indicator is above the balance and the support / resistance line. Above the indicated resistance is the benchmark weekly pivot R1 114.363. A higher benchmark is the monthly pivot R1 114.847.
Below the defining drives and MAA200 at 113.660, the area of ​​the senior movings is 113.230-113.080. The distant landmark is a weekly pivot S2 112.595.

Daytime support levels: 113.801, 113.660, 113.230, 113.080, 112.595
Daytime resistance levels: 113.934, 114.363, 114.847.