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Analytics 01.08


EUR/USD yesterday, after a slight increase to Tuesday's high ($1.1160), soon fell sharply to $1.1060 and closed the day around $1.1065. Today, the pair continues to decline and at the time of this writing has fallen to the minimum this year ($1.1035). EUR/USD is below the moving average MA (200) H1 and below MA (200) H4, under the full control of the bears.


Resistance is located at: $1.1150, $1.1185, $1.1225

The support levels are at: $1.1035, $1.1075, $1.0920



USD/JPY yesterday, by the end of trading rapidly increased reaching a maximum on 10 July (Y109.00) and closed the day slightly down, about Y108.75. Today, the pair rose sharply, reaching two-month high (Y109.30), but, at the time of writing fell slightly and is trading around Y109.20. USD/JPY is above the line of moving average MA (200) H1 and above MA (200) H4, under the full control of the bulls.


Resistance is located at: Y109.30, Y109.95, Y110.65

Support levels located at: Y108.40-45, Y107.95, Y107.20